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Live performance from the G&S Society: Richard Holmes Sings "The Roulette Song" from Gilbert & Sullivan's "The Grand Duke"
Richard Holmes

The Grand Duke

Mikado Ad
Pinafore ida

2011 Spring Season Meeting Dates
All meetings start at 7:45 p.m • Doors open at 7:30

Saturday, June 18, 2011 • 7:30
Gilbert and Sullivan Light Opera Company
   of Long Island presents
The Sorcerer" presented with
Amore Opera's production of
Cox & Box"

sorcerer cox

A delightful finale to our 74th Season - A double-bill that will be a favorite for all!

Friday, March 18, 2011 • 7:30
William Remmers presents
    "We Are All Single Gentlemen"
Pianist: Andi Stryker-Rodda

G&SWlliam Remmers presented a brand-new original G&S revue. Highlighting the men of G&S, this fast-paced, dialogue-free show will include songs from all of the G&S operas, plus songs from several popular operas without Gilbert such as Cox & Box, Ivanhoe, and The Contrabandista. The program highlighted both fan favorites and exciting, rarer songs not usually performed in full productions. The show has an all-star cast the members of which have tremendous experience with the G&S repertoire. "Single Gentlemen" will be a fun treat for fans and newcomers alike!

The Cast:
Ray Calderon, Jay Gould, Erik Hanson, Richard Holmes, Nathan Hull, Shane Magargal,
Jonathan Powers, William Remmers, Trey Sandusky, Sanford Schimel, Alan Smulen



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Friday, February 25 • 7:00
2nd Annual Jay Newman Memorial Lecture:
Simon Butteriss

World renowned G&S performer Simon Butteriss, specialist in comic baritone roles with New D'Oyly Carte and Carl Rosa Opera Companies, was the speaker at the 2nd Annual Jay Newman Memorial Lecture series. He recently wrote and hosted a TV documentary series "Gilbert & Sullivan: A Motley Pair" on British TV, which is available on DVD in the UK. Society & Players members free; everyone else $10.

G&S Society of NY's First Annual Jay Newman Memorial Lecture series
"Gilbert & Sullivan: Shining into a New Century with Reflected Light"

ralphFri. May 7, 2010: Ralph MacPhail was the inaugural speaker in the Gilbert & Sullivan Society of New York's annual Jay Newman Memorial Lecture on Gilbert & Sullivan. Professor Emeritus of Theatre at Bridgewater College of Virginia, Ralph is a longtime Society member. He spoke about "Gilbert & Sullivan: Shining into a New Century with Reflected Light"; the title is inspired by a letter of appreciation written by Gilbert to Sullivan in 1889, and refers to to the timeless appeal of the G&S operas and the reasons for their continuing popularity in the 21st Century.

All regular meetings take place at 7:45 p.m. at:
Community Church of New York
40 East 35th St., NY, NY 10016
(Between Park & Madison)



Doors open at 7:30 p.m. and the Programs start at 7:45 unless otherwise announced.
Meetings are at the Community Church of New York
40 East 35th St., NY, NY 10016
(Between Park & Madison)

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